Dec 22

Huge Design Mistakes to Avoid in Making Your Own Dental Website a Success

Avoid These Website Design Mistakes Today!

dental-websiteIt is now easy to create a simple website. However, if a website is for commercial purposes then it can be quite tricky to make it a success and make it an effective marketing tool in garnering more potential clients. Production of business websites are actually more than what it seems to be. Take note that business websites are not just like simple blog sites. It carries the name and reputation of a business where investment has been made. For that, when it comes to creating a really good dental website design there are many mistakes that you must avoid.

  1. Not hiring a professional website developer

Unless you are already familiar with website creation or if you will be using CMS that enables you to create your own website even without the required expertise, your safest bet would be to hire a professional. It is best that you leave this task to those who have the sufficient knowledge in creating excellent websites for businesses like yours rather than making your totally look like a work of an amateur.

  1. Not using a really good web content management system

A web CMS that is not only open-source (one that does not have too much commercial restrictions and limitations) and  can be handled even by a website novice like you is what you will need the most. One good example of this is the now better than ever WordPress. Although it has started to be a blog system over a decade ago, it has now become a system that has full features of a website be it for personal or commercial use. In addition to that, search engines and WordPress are actually best of friends!

  1. Having too much happening on your website

If you put too much content on your website, your online visitors will totally be confused on what it really wants to tell them. First thing to do is to prioritize the basic contents that you have to put to your website and make it very interesting to leave a lasting impression. Your branding, about your team, call to action, services offered, and even testimonials from your clients are more than enough to entice them to visit your dental clinic. On the contrary, being too minimalist won’t do you any good either.

  1. Not making it mobile responsive

Don’t think that all people still religiously use PC desktops when they want to search something in the internet. Probably 50% to 70% of online users enter the virtual world through mobile devices like smartphones and tablet. That is why it is important to make your website mobile responsive too. If not, you may lose potential clients that should have been yours right from the start.

  1. Not giving out directions to your online visitors

This is what many refer as “call to action”. It entails a lead to what your online visitors should do. This includes your contact details and the location of your dental clinic. Make use of the bottom part of your website where you can have these information along with an inquiry form. Part from having a separate Contact Us page, having this on every page of your website would be very convenient for your online visitors. In fact, this is a must have for every dental website design

  1. Showing irrelevant photos and auto-play videos

Instead of adding photos that are not necessary, why not just post photos of your clinic and your team. Videos that automatically play are also a big now as these can slow down the loading of your website.

  1. Not using SEO tools and services

When you finally have a solid, professional, and organized website for your dental clinic business, the next thing to do is to have it optimized. Hire SEO specialists and you yourself can also use SEO tools to improve the performance of your business website.  

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